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Use Your Body and Soul Earring

Use Your Body and Soul Earring


When you're dancin' to the music
Use your body and soul


Sleek, slender and splashed with all the glimmering shades of the sea, this soulful earring presents a Sleeping Beauty Turquoise rondelle stack connected to a Marquise Turquoise Howlite drop.


Sourced from arid Arizona, vibrant Turquoise is one of the most ancient and popular healing stones and has been used as such for thousands of years by the Ancient Egyptians, the Aztecs in Mexico, and more recently by cultures across the Middle East and Native American peoples. Turquoise is particularly effective at promoting emotional, mental and spiritual health.  


Turquoise Howlite is associated with calming and healing, connecting to the third eye chakra. It is thought to assist with unveiling the details of the wearer’s past lives.

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