Back in 1969, nearly half a million people descended on a dairy farm in the Catskill Mountains to attend what is now recognised as the greatest music festival of all time. While the line up was unrivaled, what made Woodstock truly epic was the vibe. Completely unprepared to cater for the numbers that showed up, for three days, the crowd remained in harmony, generously sharing food, shelter, and good times, as rock’n’roll history went down.


Drawing inspiration, Nothing Jaded brings together metalwork and precious stones with a unapologetically harmonious vibe. Bold colours, vivid combinations, and eclectic mixes of atypical stones and unique sterling silver findings. At their heart, Jade Neylan’s handcrafted creations are influenced and defined by electric anthems and endless summers.


Born from a Metalsmithing university degree, this 20-year passion project has been shaped and moulded by adventures throughout the natural and raw landscape of Australia, as well as exotic locales around the globe. From Africa to Asia to Central America and beyond, Jade may well be based in the Mornington Peninsula,but her designs remain reminiscent of the journey, evident in the intricate wirework and quality semi-precious stones.


Nothing Jaded jewellery is created with for longevity and timelessness, never to become wearied or overused. The pieces are intended to be inherently unique to the wearer, and can be made to order to include a certain birthstone, initialled charm, or other coloured element. This ensures the pieces convey a particular personal significance—metal and rock that goes down in history.

Copyright Nothing Jaded 2019.

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