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Teardrops Sleepers

Teardrops Sleepers

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Footsteps on the dance floor, remind me baby of you
Teardrops in my eyes, next time I'll be true, yeah


Regal gleams of colour, these delicate teardrops will make you feel royal. Sterling silver sleepers with Marquise gemstone pendant. Choose from: Turquoise Howlite, Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite, Amazonite, or Green Agate.


Turquoise Howlite: Turquoise Howlite is associated with calming and healing, connecting to the third eye chakra. It is thought to assist with unveiling the details of the wearer’s past lives.


Rainbobw Moonstone: Rainbow Moonstone is associated with divine feminine energy and wisdom. Both Hindu mythology and the Ancient Romans tell of moonstone being forged by streams of moonlight. Rainbow Moonstone provides psychic and spiritual protection, clarity of mind and can bring about love and fortune. 


Labradorite: In Labrador Inuit legend, it is told that the magnificent opalescence of Labradorite comes from the Northern Lights, which are trapped inside the cliffs where the stone is mined. This unusual gem can be used to harness creativity, vanquish anxiety and improve respiratory and digestive ailments.  


Amazonite: Brilliant blue Amazonite was popular in Ancient Egypt and even adorned the famed Mask of Tutankhamun. It is widely known as the Hope Stone and is thought to have lined the shields of the fabled Amazonian warrior princesses.  


Green Agate: Green Agate is a banded type of chalcedony formed over millions of years deep in the cavities of volcanic rocks. This striking green stone will bring forth balance, grounding and calmness, bolstering the connection between mind, body and spirit. Agate was particularly popular in Ancient Greece, both to adorn jewellery and to decorate the illustrious seal stones of Spartan Warriors.


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  • Dimensions

    Total length : 30mm

    Width : 15mm sleeper

    Each piece of jewellery comes packaged in a cloth batik jewellery bag. Perfect way to store and travel with your jewels.


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