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Mini I Can See Pendant necklace

Mini I Can See Pendant necklace


Forge your own path and seek out clarity and balance with this tastefully textured silver pendant featuring a faceted oval gemstone. Choose from three different lengths of delicate Italian sterling silver chain and sway, sway, sway the nights away. Choose from: Rainbow Moonstone or Lapis Lazuli.


Rainbow Moonstone: Rainbow Moonstone is associated with divine feminine energy and wisdom. Both Hindu mythology and the Ancient Romans tell of moonstone being forged by streams of moonlight. Rainbow Moonstone provides psychic and spiritual protection, clarity of mind and can bring about love and fortune. 



Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli, with its intense blue vibrancy, was beloved in the Ancient world and beyond. Michelangelo used it during the Renaissance to paint the Sistine Chapel, and Persian mythology says the stone is the night sky itself, encompassing all the knowledge and secrets of the universe. A stone of truth and friendship, strength and courage. 


Pair it with Damn Right It’s Good Earring. 


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  • Dimensions

    Gemstone pendant:

    Lapis lazuli 15mm x 10mm

    Labradorite 12mm x 10mm 

  • Weight

    3.85 grams

    Packaging in a batik cloth reusable jewellery bag.

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