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Move Me Baby Earring

Move Me Baby Earring


Inspired by the signature style and sway of 70s soul diva Gwen McCrae, these diamond-shaped sterling silver earrings boast a bold cut-out disc and are stamped with elegant geometric swirls.

Choose from two alluring gemstone coins: Lapis Lazuli or Malachite. 


Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli, with its intense blue vibrancy, was beloved in the Ancient world and beyond. Michelangelo used it during the Renaissance to paint the Sistine Chapel, and Persian mythology says the stone is the night sky itself, encompassing all the knowledge and secrets of the universe. A stone of truth and friendship, strength and courage. 


Malachite: With deep, rich green swirls, protective Malachite was favoured by the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians, who used it both decoratively and to ward off curses. This stone will help the wearer embrace change and gift them inner strength and confidence. 


  • Dimensions

    Total length: 80mm

    50mm x 50mm frame with 30mm bead including hook

    Frame :15mm x 15mm

  • Weight

    12 gram per pair

    Packaged in a batik cloth reusable jewellery bag.

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