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Forget Me Nots Bangle - Sterling Silver

Forget Me Nots Bangle - Sterling Silver


Baby, please, forget me not, I want you to remember.  


Featuring a subtly textured hand-beaten sterling silver band, the Forget Me Nots bangle contains vivid gemstone couplets that each carry special meaning. Choose from:




With its deep, rich green swirls, protective Malachite was favoured by the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians, who used it both decoratively and to ward off curses. Brilliant blue Amazonite was also popular in Ancient Egypt and even adorned the famed Mask of Tutankhamun. It is widely known as the Hope Stone and is thought to have lined the shields of the fabled Amazonian warrior princesses.  




In Labrador Inuit legend, it is told that the magnificent opalescence of Labradorite comes from the Northern Lights, which are trapped inside the cliffs where the stone is mined. Its sister stone, Rainbow Moonstone, is associated with divine feminine energy and wisdom. Both Hindu mythology and the Ancient Romans tell of moonstone being forged by streams of solid moonlight.  


Lapis Lazuli/Turquoise Howlite: 


Lapis Lazuli, with its intense blue vibrancy, was beloved in the Ancient world and beyond. Michelangelo used it during the Renaissance to paint the Sistine Chapel, and Persian mythology says the stone is the night sky itself, encompassing all the knowledge and secrets of the universe. Turquoise Howlite is associated with calming and healing, connecting to the third eye chakra. It is thought to assist with unveiling the details of the wearer’s past lives. 




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