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Rich Girl Necklace

Rich Girl Necklace

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Hues of deep blue, iridescent stones, rich golden tones and an overall sensation of lavishness and beauty underpin this unusual piece. The Rich Girl Necklace features a 14-carat gold vermeil oval pendant with a faceted Lapis Lazuli at its centre, bordered by Labradorite gemstones, freshwater Pearls and Lapis Lazuli drops. 


Lapis Lazuli, with its intense blue vibrancy, was beloved in the Ancient world and beyond. Michelangelo used it during the Renaissance to paint the Sistine Chapel, and Persian mythology says the stone is the night sky itself, encompassing all the knowledge and secrets of the universe. A stone of truth and friendship, strength and courage.


In Labrador Inuit legend, it is told that the magnificent opalescence of Labradorite comes from the Northern Lights, which are trapped inside the cliffs where the stone is mined. This unusual gem can be used to harness creativity, vanquish anxiety and improve respiratory and digestive ailments. 


Pearls, with their unique ethereal sheen, have long held associations with the moon, inner wisdom and feminine energy. Pearls draw on the power of their water origins to bring a calming and cleansing effect to the wearer. In stories surfacing from many corners of the world, pearls are seen as the tears of divine creatures and gods.


Pair it with I Am the Black Gold of the Sun Earrings.

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  • Dimensions

    38cm with 5cm of extension chain

    Pendant : 15mm x 10mm 

  • Weight

    9 grams

    Packaging in a batik cloth reusable jewellery bag.

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