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Eye of The Tiger Necklace

Eye of The Tiger Necklace


This unique necklace is a bold statement piece, rich with meaning and mirroring the hues of the tiger. Shamans believe that the tiger totem symbolises healing, having the power to clear out toxins and boost the immune system. This necklace boasts beautiful Citrine teardrops, faceted Smoky Quartz beads, geometric Tiger Eye stones and sterling silver feather charms, linked together by a rectangular box chain of Italian sterling silver. 


Amber-hued Citrine has always been associated with sunshine, happiness and bright, positive energy. This stone is thought to lighten up the wearer’s life and promote confidence and self-esteem. With its gorgeous golden colours, it has also been called the “money stone”, “success stone” and “merchant’s stone” and was favoured by Queen Victoria in the nineteenth century as a decorative stone to adorn clothing and jewellery, sparking a global trend. 


Hazy swirls of brown, black and grey give a shadowy beauty to Smoky Quartz, a stone that has been prized for generations by the Celts in Scotland and Māori people in New Zealand. This stone, like its darker cousin Onyx, is grounding and protective, connecting the wearer to the current moment and expelling negative energy. Smoky Quartz is linked to the root chakra—the root of all things—at the base of the spine, tethering one to the Earth. 


Compelling Tiger Eye, in its rich hues of orange, red, and brown, is a notable protective stone that grants inner power and self-confidence to those who use it. It invokes the fierce spirit of the tiger, unleashing both the predator and protector in all of us. It is thought to banish evil, clear away negative energy and offer a range of healing properties. 


Wear it with Gold Dust Woman Bangle and Multi Silver Dot Bangle.

  • Dimensions

    70 cm 

  • Weight

    22 grams

    Packaging in a batik cloth reusable jewellery bag.

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